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Email newsletters are one of the most cost effective marketing mediums for an organization. Printing and mailing costs are eliminated, and the design and sending fees are well within any company’s marketing budget. Email newsletters offer a wide reach of audience for a low per piece cost. The incremental cost for sending the newsletter to additional emails is very nominal. Few other marketing methods can boast this type of cost effectiveness.

Email newsletters are an easy project for your business to outsource. A qualified, reputable company can pick up your regular newsletter writing, design and sending with ease. This will free you and your staff to focus on other aspects of your organization. Not having to hire additional staff for your business’ marketing function will save your company money. Outsourcing this project will also help to keep your email newsletters on a regular and consistent schedule that your contacts can come to expect.

Full-service email newsletters with Creative E-Concepts simplify the process. Our services include optional article writing, newsletter design, sending and tracking.

With Creative E-Concepts putting together your business’ newsletter is a simple process, requiring a minimal time investment from you.

Creative E-Concepts not only makes the process simple, but affordable for even the smallest business.  Whether your email list is 100 recipients or in the tens of thousands, we will work with you to find an email program that will work for you and help you to achieve your marketing objectives.

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