Email Marketing

Stay in Touch with Customers with Email Marketing

Staying in front of your customers and prospects is critical in today’s competitive landscape. This is important for retaining customers, as well as attracting new ones. However, few businesses have the time, staff or deep pockets to do this face-to-face or even over the phone. The solution is simple, regular touches through email marketing.

Whether sending a full newsletter, promotional blast or something as simple as a short note to check in, email marketing keeps you in the forefront of their minds. Email marketing, when sent to your customer and prospect list, is the most economical way to stay in touch with your contacts. This not only allows you to promote your products and services, but also to solidify your brand.

Generating Email Content Can Be Time Consuming

To be truly effective, your email marketing efforts need to be engaging and interesting for the recipient.  Customers and prospects need to feel like there is value being offered to them.  This can come be delivered via email marketing in many forms, from special offers to information on new products or industry-specific tips and knowledge.  The content will keep them reading your emails each time they receive one.

Of course, generating this level of content can be time consuming and difficult for even the most talented writer.  With dozens of other items on your to-do list, for many this may not be the best use of your valuable time.

Full-Service Email Marketing Keeps You on Schedule

At Creative E-Concepts we understand the challenge that many businesses face, developing fresh content and marketing initiatives with a fixed budget and a limited amount of manpower.  This is where our team of marketing professionals can help.  We create your email marketing campaigns from start to finish, taking one important task off of your plate.

With experience writing for a wide variety of industries, our team of writers will familiarize themselves with your business and the market that you serve. We can then develop fresh and interesting content for your email marketing efforts. The team also develops the newsletter design and sends the newsletter to your clients, making this a truly full-service option.

Whether you are looking for the full-service approach to your team’s email marketing or just need a little help in one area, Creative E-Concepts can help.

Contact us at and start putting email marketing to work for you.