Email Marketing

Stay in Touch with Customers with Email Marketing

Just like with any other marketing, consistency is key when it comes to email. Too often we hear stories of a business sending one email and expecting big results, only to be disappointed. One of the critical components of email marketing and its success is frequent, regular touches.

Focus Your Email Marketing on Building a Brand

The most effective email marketing focuses on building a business’ brand, as opposed to the one-off sale. When contacts on your email list come to recognize your business name and logo, it becomes synonymous with the products and services that you offer. Down the road when a need arises, your business is in the forefront of their mind. The same can be said for friends, family members and colleagues looking for a referral or asking others for a recommendation. Again, your business, products and services will be top of the mind.

They Are Listening, Even When You May Not Think That They Are

An email popping up on a phone as an alert or a preview pane, are all registering your business’ name in front of the recipient. Thissimple act of receiving the email, even not necessarily opening it, goes a long way to solidifying your brand’s presence. Opening the email is great, but don’t underestimate the value of simply landing in the recipient’s inbox.

Full-Service Email Marketing Campaigns

If you don’t stay in front of your customers and prospects, chances are that your competition will, making it more important than ever to stick to an email marketing schedule. Your business’ marketing, and email initiatives, may take a backburner to the everyday requirements of running a business. This is where the team at Creative E-Concepts can help with full-service email marketing campaigns custom designed for your business.

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