Email Newsletters’ Open Rates Can Be Deceiving

Depending on who you speak to, open rates for email newsletter vary widely.  Some industries brag over 20% open averages, while others are pleased with 10-12%.  Beyond industry, the open rate for email newsletters is contingent upon the quality of your list, the content you are offering and the timing of your email.  There are so many factors that can affect the open rate, that it is difficult to give an estimated average.

In Email Marketing, It Isn’t Just About the Open

One important thing to keep in mind in the world of email marketing is that open rate is just one factor that can determine the success of your business’ email campaign.  Even with low open rates, your email is being received to the recipient’s inbox.  Your business name, brand and quality subject line are registering with your target audience.  Many times, they are seeing this appear instantly on a mobile device when the email is received.  There is plenty of value in simply having the email hit the inbox and trigger this alert.  Even unopened, this builds brand recognition and can strengthen your relationship with customers and prospects.

Email Open Rates Improve Over Time, A Lot of Time

While the majority of the email opens happen in the first 24 hours after sending the email, this number will continue to go up as even more emails are opened.  In some cases, open rates can continue to increase even months after the email newsletter has been sent.  This makes the first 24 hours, if the numbers are less than anticipated, a little deceiving.  In other cases, the email may sit in the recipient’s inbox until they are ready to purchase.  Having your business and product information easily accessible in your customers’ email is priceless.

Many customers see great results in the initial 24 hours of sending an email newsletter.  However, if this initial response is a bit lackluster don’t be deterred as many times the email keeps working for months after the sender has received it.