Identifying Your Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

Every business with an online presence should go through the process of identifying keywords.  These keywords will be your focus when developing content for your web site, from the text on your pages to dynamic blogs that are rich with this verbiage.  This exercise and ongoing initiative to create fresh content will go a long way to improving your web site’s standings with the search engines.

What is a Keyword?

Keywords are seldom limited to a single word, but instead are often a phrase.  To find your keywords, consider your ideal customer.  When they sit down in front of a computer, typing something into a search box, what word or phrase would you envision them searching to find your business.  These keywords should be indicative of your target market’s behavior, but also something that is appropriate for your business.

A few examples…  if you are a catering business in Boston, Massachusetts some of your keywords might be “catering in Boston”, “Italian catering Massachusetts” or “party food Boston”.  An online business offering fashionable clothing may choose “women’s fashion tops” or “men’s pinstripe suits”.

The keywords that you choose should not be so specific that no one will ever search for them.  A step that will be well-worth your time would be to try searching these keywords first.  Do the search results seem like a place that you would want your business listed?

Focus on Adding Keyword Rich Content

Now that you have chosen your keywords, it is time to focus on building up your web site.  Content on your pages that is rich in these words, yet still makes sense and is well-written, is important.  The search engines indexing your page are looking for sites with content that is a good fit for the search term.  Adding these keywords will go a long way to making your business stand out.

One of the most effective ways to consistently add keyword-rich content is through a blog.  Blogs on your web site allow you to focus on these keywords, with plenty of opportunity for regular posting.  Over time, your efforts will pay off and the search engines will recognize your site as an expert for these keywords.

A Web Content and Blogging Team that Can Get You Noticed

Need some help identifying your keywords and developing the content that will get you noticed by the search engines?  The marketing team at Creative E-Concepts has you covered with web content writing, blogging and other writing services that will get your site noticed.