The Longevity of Email Marketing

I am continuously reminded of the long-term effectiveness of email marketing, not only with my clients but with my own business as well.  This past month I received a phone call from a former email marketing client.  His business had fallen upon hard times some years ago and he had ultimately closed his doors.  During that time, I had not heard from him.  Now starting a new endeavor, he reached out looking to once again employ Creative E-Concepts’ email marketing services.

Looking back, it has been five years since I had heard from this former client.  I was elated to hear about his new venture.  While it had begun some time ago, the process of collecting leads and email addresses had taken some time.  Now was finally the right time to begin email marketing campaigns for this new business.

What really struck me about this encounter, beyond my excitement to hear from an old client, was that he still remembered my business after five plus years.  After asking him about this, the answer was simple.  He had retained the email address for his old business and was continuing to receive my email newsletters each month.  While they may have sat in his inbox for quite some time, when the timing was in place it was easy to access my business’ contact information and to reach out.

This is a true testament to the longevity of email marketing.  The emails that a business sends to customers and prospects are often left in the recipient’s mailbox.  This makes it easy to find you when the need does arrive for your products and services.  This is particularly true when these emails are delivered on a regular basis.

In the world of marketing, out of sight is truly out of mind.  Regularly putting your business’ name in front of clients, both present and past, can go a long way to making that connection down the road.