How Can a Blog Improve Your Web Site’s Search Engine Standings?

Google search today is like the holy grail for many small businesses, striving to have their web site listed on the first page of search results. Most searchers never make it past that highly coveted first page. Google’s complicated algorithm, that is constantly being edited and tweaked, makes this difficult for even the best web site to attain and hold onto. However, there are some tactics that you can employ to improve your business’ odds of being listed at the top of the Google search results.

One of these tried and true techniques is by adding a blog to your web site. Google’s search algorithm favors businesses that have dynamic, changing content on their web site. It can be challenging, and even detrimental to your search engine standings, to continuously tweak the content of your pages. Sites with a positive ranking, may be eliminating many of the valuable keywords that have earned that rating in the first place when the change the main content of the web site.

A better way to incorporate this dynamic content into your web site is by adding a blog, with regular entries posted. A blog also allows you to include plenty of key-word rich content into your web site. When used in a sensible way that makes sense within the content, plenty of keywords on the page can have a positive effect on your Google rankings. This opportunity to add more keywords to your web site’s content is just another way a blog can positively impact your search engine standings.

Another factor that affects a web site’s search rankings with Google is the number of pages that the web site contains. Sites that have more pages, particularly those exceeding one hundred, are viewed more favorably than a site that has only a handful of pages. Each blog entry can be set up to be a page in itself, with navigation to these entries from the main blog index page. This is an easy way to achieve a high page count, giving your web site even more of a leg up with the search engines.

There are so many advantages that a blog can offer your web site. A small investment into developing regular keyword rich content will go a long way to paying you back.