The World Has Gone Digital, Is Your Business Ready for It?

It’s official, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing everyone to go digital from our youngest students to the mom and pop shop that has been in business for decades. Businesses that had been hesitant to have an online presence in the past are now left playing catch-up as this is no longer the wave of the future, but the present. Even those businesses that have a retail storefront now need to connect with customers online, through email, a web site, social media, or all of the above.

Connect with Customers: Web Site – Email Marketing – Social Media

Now is the time to evaluate where your business stands with regard to your online presence and begin making efforts to improve this. Customers and prospects need to be able to quickly find your business online, preferably in a form that you manage and control the content. This most often means a web site or social media page. Both of these allow customers to come to you, find out if you are open, and how the new normal has affected your business.

But what if your customers don’t have your business in the forefronts of their brains? Maybe they are distracted by current events or are simply too busy with messages from other businesses looking to reach a larger market share. This is where email marketing comes in. Regularly sending email communications to your customers and prospects will keep your business in their thoughts, not to mention when you are open for business.

Silence is Not a Good Thing for Your Business

This is a time of extreme volatility to businesses and silence can devastate your company. Customers and prospects need to know that you are still around, even if the doors do remain shut. These regular touches, whether through an online blog on your web site, social media or email marketing, are so important to retaining your customers and keeping your business in their thoughts.

Don’t underestimate the power of a strong digital presence for your business, particularly during this unprecedented time. Even if you are starting off from scratch, there is no time like the present to reach out to your audience.