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Business Blogging at a Record High

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Today’s blogs offer so much value to businesses, with more and more adding blogging to their marketing mix. Blogs are a relatively inexpensive way to add even more versatility to your business’ marketing.

Why blog?

Blogging offers many unique advantages for businesses. Incorporating a blog on your web site can be a real advantage for a business’ SEO. Top search engines love to see dynamic content on your site that is constantly evolving. A blog also offers a great opportunity to create frequent, key-word rich copy.

Consistency is key.

Blogs do so much more than just assisting in your business’ SEO work. A blog gives customers and prospects a reason to come to your web site again and again. Additionally, visitors can subscribe to RSS feeds, where they can receive email or text notifications each time a new blog post goes live. The actual blog content does not typically “sell” your business and services. However, a blog’s ability to drive traffic to your web site is invaluable.

Why aren’t more businesses doing this?

The short answer is time commitment. Blogs can only be successful when they are cultivated, which means regular, frequent posts and fresh content. For many businesses this additional “to do” item on an already lengthy list can seem daunting.

At Creative E-Concepts we understand the challenges your business faces. Our professional copywriters have over fifteen years of experience in the marketing field writing copy for a variety of industries.

Creative E-Concepts’ writers take the time to familiarize themselves with your industry, business web site and any relevant sales material that your company can provide. With this information, and the great knowledge of the internet, we are able to develop a first rate blog for your business.

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